Dear Aleister, I have a 1978 Camaro with a 5 speed manual transmission. Some
of the time when I am turning to the right, such as on a freeway entrance
ramp, there is a grinding noise/sensation coming from the left front of the car.
It's not noticeable when making right hand turns at an intersection. It seems
to be worse if there is someone else in the car. I had a brake job (all 4) 8 months
ago. Any thoughts?
Bobby joe (Mesquite, TX)

Dear Bobby joe, Do what thou wilt, the eternal rotor turns in the macrocosm
in an inward spiral towards the right. Turn your rotors widdershins. But if this
be satisfactorily accomplished, and the spirit be yet disobedient, the implication
is that some hostile force is at work to hinder the operation. It will then become
advisable to discover the nature of that force and to attack and destroy it.
Love is the Law, Aleister

Dear Aleister, my 78 Camaro will not idle. When I start the car up you
cannot let up on the accelerator or it will stall and shut off. What can I do to
correct this situation?
Sissy ( Poughkipsie, NJ )

Dear Sissy, Do what thou wilt. It is only necessary to inflame the Will to the
proper pitch and to issue its commands: they are instantly obeyed, unless the
apparatus is damaged beyond the art of Nature to repair. It may be necessary in
such a case to assist the internal "spirits" by "purification", "banishing", or you
have a loose vacuum hose.
Love is the Law, your pal Al

Dear Aleister, do you know if the carb on a 78 Camaro with an inline 6 is
rebuildable? If not what would be a good carb to replace it with?
Tom (Reno, Nevada)

Dear Tom, it would be most convenient to place the blood of the victim in the
carburetor-the idea being that the spirit might obtain from the blood this
subtle but physical substance in such a manner as to enable it to take on a
visible and tangible shape. Finally, as a last resource, one may burn the Sigil
of the Spirit in a black box with stinking substances, all having been properly
prepared beforehand, and the magical links properly made, so that it is really
tortured by the Operation. There is no replacement.
Sin-cerely, Holy Crowley

Aleister Crowley is a contributing columnist to Six Foot Crow. He is 93 years
old and owns a 78 Camaro auto shop in Dallas, Texas.