cover artwork copyright 1996 Mark Landman

The alternative comics anthology edited by Mark Landman and published by Kitchen Sink Press
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Black and White. Drew Friedman, Jim Woodring, Matso, Max
Andersson, Kamagurka & Herr Seele, Tony Millionaire, Todd Ramsell,
Brad Johnson, Ken Struck, Jeremy Eaton, David Fremont, and Mack White.
Mark Landman, editor. C-Mark Landman.

Snarf lives again! Tired of grimly "realistic" superheroes? Tired
of the "charmingly old-fashioned" comics that are reactions to the
above-mentioned glumness? Are you just plain tired? Well, friend,
don't go running for expensive therapy - we got your cure right
here. I'm talking about Snarf, the comic book that
"wants your cash and wants it now."

Snarf #16 offers up to you the collective talents of the finest
bunch of heathens ever spew ink. Drew Friedman dazzles with his
collection of unusual facts and foibles. Jim Woodring addresses the
pressing problem of violence to chickens. Cowboy Henk loses the
Nobel prize, falls in love, and gets eaten by carnivorous viruses Brad
Johnson educates us about our friends, the bees. Mac White does one
of his patented ancient history riffs. And, boy, that's just the beginning
of the fun. You get the picture.Buy Snarf. Or else.

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